Monday, July 18, 2022

Son cannot avoid responsibility to maintain old father: Bombay High Court

The Bombay High Court at Aurangabad recently said that a son cannot avoid his responsibility to maintain his old and ailing father and cannot dictate the father to live with him as a condition to pay maintenance .

Justice Vibha Kankanwadi while hearing a father's plea seeking maintenance from his son, noted that the son insisted the father live with him.

"The son cannot avoid his responsibilities to maintain the father. It appears that he is putting a condition that the petitioner (father) should come and stay with him like his mother. The son cannot impose such conditions.

"Unfortunately, now the situation has arisen for the father that he is unable to maintain himself and then he is required to depend upon somebody else. The son is trying to say that because of the father's vices, there are differences between the mother and the father and they are not residing together. So also now the father is demanding the money just to fulfil his vices. We cannot go into these disputed facts forever." 

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