Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Public can lodge complaints against traffic cops found talking, browsing on mobile phones while on duty: Kerala High Court

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday directed the Police Commissioner of Kochi to take action against traffic police personnel who are found to be using mobile phones while on duty unless the same is for emergency or official calls.

Justice Amit Rawal noted that traffic cops are seen perpetually scrolling on their phones while on duty and, therefore, ordered that any person who witnesses the same can lodge a complaint.

Police Commissioner is directed to sensitize all the traffic cops to be alert as it has been mostly found that they are perpetually on their mobile phones while on duty. In case any of the traffic cops are found indulging into talking except urgent official or emergency calls and browsing the mobile phone while on duty any person noticing the same can upload the video in the aforementioned telephone numbers and be permitted to lodge a complaint.” 

For the purpose of lodging such complaints as well as any complaints regarding traffic violations, the Court directed that two toll-free numbers be set up for the purpose and publicised.

"Two toll-free telephone numbers should be painted/affixed or be notified in every stage carriage vehicles and auto rickshaws for lodging complaint by the passengers, in case any of the drivers of the transport bus etc indulge into the violation. On receipt of such complaint the police would take action in accordance with law after due verification,"

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