Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google opposes proposed Internet restrictions in India

Google Inc has reportedly told Indian regulators in a confidential memo that the country's proposed restrictions on Internet content could seriously hamper its international trade.

Google has so far failed to convince the government on these web content restrictions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new Indian rules ban websites from publishing certain types of content. Also, there are specifications for the removal of such content within 36 hours after government notification.

Indians so far have not had to face any government-controlled restrictions on accessing any material on politics, religion or adult content on the internet. However, with new regulations in place, that is all set to change.

In April this year, the government had issued new regulations where any material deemed "disparaging", "harassing" or "blasphemous" could be banned.

Google, however plans to remain in India and continue attempting to influence Internet rules and how they are enforced.

This is in sharp contrast to the stand the company took in China last year when the company protested censorship of its search service. Google had responded by redirecting Chinese users to an uncensored version of its search engine in Hong Kong.

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