Sunday, June 12, 2011

CBI team denied food at Gandhinagar circuit house

AHMEDABAD: The state government has refused to feed the CBI! Or so it might seem from a letter that the agency has written to additional chief secretary (home) Balwant Singh. The letter from a senior CBI officer says that a probe team has been camping at Gandhinagar circuit house to investigate the Tulsiram Prajapati encounter case, and the Supreme Court has asked all states to extend logistic and infrastructure support to the CBI.
"As part of these investigations, our team is put up at the Gandhinagar circuit house, where the CBI has booked 20 rooms. But since the day they arrived here, the circuit house staff has not been giving them meals. When we drew attention of the authorities, they said that renovation work was going on in the kitchen," the letter read.
The team has had to make its own arrangement for food which has caused much inconvenience, a source said. When TOI contacted Bipin Shukla, the circuit house manager, he said, "renovation is going on for a very long time, and whenever there is a government event or a minister is expected, we put up a canopy and set up a temporary kitchen in the premises of the circuit house. But otherwise, there is no provision. This is the only reason why we are not able to provide food to the CBI team."
The CBI team has had an interesting food encounter even while investigating the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case. When closing in on SP Abhay Chudasama, a team, including CBI SP Amitabh Thakur, set out from Gandhinagar on April 28 last year, to camp near Gaekwad Haveli. But they got a message that Chudasama had not come to the crime branch yet
They decided to keep a low profile and went in a private car to the Bhadra kali temple at Lal Darwaza to lay in wait. Later, they headed for the Jagannath temple at Jamalpur near the haveli and noticed that a community kitchen was on in the temple. While waiting for information on the accused IPS officer, the entire team decided to have lunch there.

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