Monday, March 19, 2012

Delhi High Court dismisses Microsoft in offensive material case

The Delhi High Court set aside a trial court order initiating criminal proceedings against Microsoft India in the case pertaining to offensive contents published on websites.
The court accepted the company's plea that it didn't provide any interactive platform, where any offensive material could be posted, but was engaged in development and sale of software and computing solutions.
Microsoft India was one of the 22 firms, including Google and Facebook, named in a criminal suit for hosting material that allegedly provoked enmity between religious groups.
The telecom ministry also gave sanction to the prosecution to go after the websites which had contents that were against national interest.
The high court had earlier this month quashed a similar case against Yahoo India after its counsel convinced the court that there was no material in the suit suggesting the provocative content came from its websites.
In both the cases, however, the court gave the liberty to the trial court to add them as accused again if fresh and credible evidence was filed against them.
The HC relief for Microsoft follows a civil court's order to drop the company from a similar suit, pointing out that the firm was not among the websites offering platforms to people to post material which then might be termed 'inflammatory'.

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