Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Matar MLA Kesarisinh Solanki - Political interference results in decline of police service: Gujarat HC

Gujarat high court has said that interference by politicians results in the decay of police services and cops have started believing that their promotion depends on obliging the political bosses and not on merit. This also make junior cops by-pass their seniors in the department. 

Justice J B Pardiwala criticized police inaction on Matar MLA Kesarisinh Solanki who intercepted a police team — headed by Kheda DySP Falguni Patel —taking 18 persons accused of assaulting members of dalit community. The court also expressed shock over the cop's U-turn on Solanki's behaviour and observed that she did it under influence of politicians and her superior officers. 

Lamenting the inaction and indecisiveness of the DySP, Justice Pardiwala blamed the situation on politicians' behaviour. "Interference with the police system, especially by the politicians, encourages police personnel to believe that their career advancement is not at all dependent on the merits of their professional performance, but can be secured by obliging or favouring politicians." The judge said, "Deliberate and sustained cultivation of a few individuals on the political plane takes up all the time of a number of police personnel to the detriment of the performance of their normal professional jobs to the satisfaction of the general public at large. This process sets the system on the downward slope to decay and total ineffectiveness." 

Justice Pardiwala said that politicians' influence immediately damages the control system in police and weakens the normal chain of command. "Interference at the operational level in police station, police circles results in the total by-passing of the supervisory officers in the hierarchy," the judge said. 

The court pulled up the DySP and said that she should have immediately lodged an FIR against the MLA, who is expected to do development work in his area and not indulge in such bullying and it is not his business to interfere with police work. The court also advised her, "She should remind herself that she is a young police officer aged 31 and has a long way to go. If she succumbs to the dictates of the politicians or superiors, then probably no police officer would be in a position to discharge his or her duties efficiently, boldly, impartially and in accordance with the law."

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