Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Citizens bust RTO memo scam

Alert citizens helped cops bust a bogus RTO receipt racket being run by a group of agents at the Regional Transport Office in Shahibaug. According to police, the main accused, identified only as Zuber, collected money as fines and provided fake receipts. "We are hunting for two other accused who worked for Zuber, a resident of Rakhial," a police official said.

Ranip police said that the accused used RTO stamps and gave receipts with barcodes. "We suspect an insider is involved and are probing the complaint," the official said. According to a complaint by Mohammed Tariq Rajput, a transporter and resident of Rakhial, traffic police had seized his and his friend Sandeep Gupta's vehicles near Jashodanagar crossroads on August 17.

"The traffic cops had given them a memo and told them to pay the fine at the RTO to get their vehicles back," the official said. Police sources said Rajput then contacted Zuber at his office in Rakhial. Zuber took Rs 7,000 for the fine. He asked them to meet Kiran and Samir to get the receipts.

"Rajput and Gupta met Samir and Kiran on the RTO campus. Zuber's associates handed them the receipts that showed that Rs 1,000 had been paid for Rajput's minitruck and Rs 2,000 for Gupta's vehicle," a police source said. "However as the receipts looked suspicious they contacted Ranip police station ." Police said that the receipts were found to be bogus on scrutiny.

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