Sunday, August 13, 2017

In 2016, not wearing helmets, seat belts killed 43 a day

About 28 two-wheeler riders died daily on Indian roads in 2016 for not wearing helmets and another 15 for not fastening their seatbelts, according to an analysis of data shared by states with the transport ministry.

The year was the deadliest with 31 people dying in every 100 road accidents. It has steadily increased from 21.6 deaths per 100 accidents in 2005 to 29.1 in 2015.

This is for the first time that police and transport departments in states have captured data on deaths caused due to non-wearing of helmet. States have reported that one of every five bike occupants who died in crashes was not wearing helmet and their total number was 10,135.

Uttar Pradesh accounted for most such fatalities (3,818), followed by Tamil Nadu (1,946) and Maharashtra (1,113).

A study by the United Nations last year had estimated wearing an appropriate helmet improves chances of survival of bikers by 42%. The states have also provided deaths due to non-wearing of seatbelt in cars. A total of 5,638 people died on this account in 2016 with UP accounting for the most deaths (2,741).

Experts said the number of deaths due to not wearing of helmets and seatbelts could be more as the available data might not have captured the details in entirety.

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