Saturday, October 13, 2018

Bombay HC orders daughter-in-law to vacate their flat within a month's time

The elderly man was accused by his daughter-in-law of molestation and despite the allegations, she was insistent to live in the same Bandra flat despite her husband having bought a flat in Malad, Mumbai.

In a big relief to an elderly couple, the Bombay High Court on Thursday came to their rescue by asking their daughter-in-law to vacate their Bandra residence within a month's time as she was allegedly harassing them.
Earlier, the 44-year-old woman's husband was ordered by a trial court to search for an apartment of her liking but she allegedly said no to as many as 49 flats that he had shortlisted. Following this, the HC ordered her to either find an apartment herself within a budget of Rs 35,000-40,000 in a month's time or select one from the ones her husband had shortlisted.

Justice Shalini Phansalkar Joshi told that it would be cruel to allow the senile couple to continue to suffer the harassment caused by their daughter-in-law. The family has gone on to repeatedly file criminal complaints against one another over the years, to the extent of the woman alleging molestation by father-in-law.
The judge said that it was difficult to understand why the woman was still insistent to reside in the same flat with the in-laws after alleging them of molestation which even led to the arrest of the father-in-law. The judge also observed that the couple's young adolescent daughter was also not being provided with any relief in between the war of cases and counter complaints.
In 2016, the elderly couple moved court seeking a directive against the daughter-in-law, asking her to leave the flat. Despite her husband having bought and moved to a flat in 2014, she continued to live in the same residence claiming that it was her matrimonial home and her husband had a share in the property.

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