Wednesday, October 31, 2018

SC order helps 6 poor families get ₹75L aid

A Supreme Court direction in a case of bonded labour has brought joy and hope to a group of 14 men, women and children from six families- each of their bank accounts swelled by ₹4.75 lakh. The SC registry deposited the cash into the accounts of the victims of the regressive practice of bonded labour. The cash was given by the convicts to secure their bail.

The SC had, on September 21, 2017, issued an order stating that the bail applications of the two convicts in the case, K Sivakumar and Munusamy Naidu, would be considered only if they handed over ₹75 lakh to the court registry on or before October 6 the same year.

The amount paid by them was deposited into the accounts of the victims on a pro rata basis. They were rescued on August 9, 2005 from a rice mill by revenue officials, who acted upon the information from IJM, an NGO.

The rescued bonded labours were informed about the cash deposits three days ago. “We were surprised when my uncle (Ramalingam) told us that ₹4.75 lakh was deposited in his account. I checked my account and found the account balance had increased to ₹4,77,061 lakh from ₹2,061,” said 28 yearold Chinnarasu, who was rescued along with his parents, Malliga and Mari.

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