Saturday, January 9, 2021

Bar Council of Delhi increases fees payable at the time of enrolment to Rs 14,300

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As per the notice, the Delhi Bar Council has increased the enrolment fees, identity card charges, building and library funds and other relevant services for advocates falling under three slabs which are:

  • For those applying for enrolment immediately after their graduation.
  • For those applying for enrolment after 5 years of graduation.
  • For retired personnel.

For immediate graduates falling in the first slab, a total amount of Rs. 14,300 has to be incurred in completion of the enrolment procedure, which earlier amounted to Rs. 9000. 

For the second category of advocates, a total of Rs. 20,000 has to be paid whereas the third category, having the highest rate of enrolment, states that an amount of Rs. 35,000 has to be paid in the enrolment procedure for retired individuals. 

What fees and charges are getting increased?

The notice provides that there has been increase in charges in the following 7 categories:

  • Enrolment fees
  • Identity card charges
  • Building fund
  • Library fund
  • Indigent charges
  • Welfare fund fees
  • Advocates welfare fund created by Bar Council of Delhi

However, the notice clarifies that there will be no increase in cost of enrolment form which will remain the same on a price of Rs. 1000.

Increase in enrolment fees through "circulation"

The notice also increases the fees taken by the bar council of Delhi for taking enrolments via circulation process. Circulation is the process to enable fast enrolments in the State Bar wherein the intending candidates get their enrolment numbers within 24 hours of the submission of their enrolment application.

This procedure is often undertaken by candidates willing to start their practice on an urgent basis or immediately after their graduation gets completed.

According to the notice, the circulation fees has been increased to Rs. 5000 from the earlier charges that were Rs. 3000.

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