Wednesday, January 6, 2021


[13:17, 06/01/2021] Satish Swami: Fixing notional income for homemaker a step towards Constitutional vision of social equality: Supreme Court in Motor Accident case

There can be no exact calculation or formula that can magically ascertain the true value provided by an individual gratuitously for those that they are near and dear to. The attempt of the Court in such matters should therefore be towards determining, in the best manner possible, the truest approximation of the value added by a homemaker for the purpose of granting monetary compensation", reads the judgment.

"A housemaker often prepares food for the entire family, manages the procurement of groceries and other household shopping needs, cleans and manages the house and its surroundings, undertakes decoration, repairs and maintenance work, looks after the needs of the children and any aged member of the household, manages budgets and so much more," 

"a step towards the constitutional vision of social equality and ensuring dignity of life to all individuals."

"... the conception that housemakers do not 'work' or that they do not add economic value to the household is a problematic idea that has persisted for many years and must be overcome."

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