Sunday, January 3, 2021

Jammu & Kashmir Court on Media Trials

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An accused person is entitled to fundamental rights and there is no distinction between fundamental rights of an accused and a common person.

“The media has the fundamental right of free speech and expression however, the said right is not greater than the rights of an individual. It is the legally bounden duty of the court to protect the fundamental as well as the legal rights of the parties and in the instant case the fundamental and legal rights of the plaintiff. Every person has a right to life and personal liberty and this right includes life with human dignity and in case any person is defamed or any derogatory statement is made against him that results in violation of fundamental rights,” judge Shabir Ahmad Malik said.

The Court also directed defendants to suspend the links of any derogatory and defamatory statements or contents already published on social media/internet or news portals besides issuing summons to the media organisations for filing written statement.

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