Sunday, January 9, 2022

Virat Kohli as brand ambassador of the company and director of the company claiming he had “nil” income

Additional Sessions Judge Anuj Agrawal was hearing the appeal of a man against an order of the trial court granting ₹30,000 maintenance to his estranged wife.

He had challenged the order claiming he hadnil income and lived on charity.

The petitioner-husband director of the company that manufactured a product promoted by the cricketer.

This court can take judicial notice of the fact that the brand ambassador of the said brand is Virat Kohli, the test cricket captain of Team India. Therefore, it looks highly improbable that a company which is running into great losses (as claimed by the appellant), was in a position to afford a celebrity of such stature for the advertisement of its product,”

The husband was held to be a “man of means” having a large business and appeared to be “impersonating himself as a pauper” to defeat the "legitimate maintenance claim" of the estranged wife.

The Court underlined a tendency to hide the true income by the parties in cases such as the one at hand.

It appears that in the instant case also, appellant/husband withheld his true income from the court. It cannot be believed that a person who was capable of supporting a family by getting married, would all of a sudden become devoid of all sources of income,” the Court observed.

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