Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lawyer Chandrakant Parmar claims cops misbehaved with him

‘Aslali cops beat me, broke my cell’
Lawyer Chandrakant Parmar claims cops misbehaved with him when he asked for details of an FIR lodged in connection with his clients’ accident; bar association to meet today and discuss further course of action

Alawyer has accused Aslali policemen of hitting him and wrongfully locking him up in a cell, all because he sought details of an FIR.

Chandrakant Parmar, an advocatecum-notary at the Ahmedabad rural district court, claimed that PSI B J Jhala, PSI A B Valand and writer Narsinh hit him on the mouth and legs, smashed his cellphone and locked him up on Tuesday afternoon.
Parmar, who was booked by the cops under Section 186 of the IPC for obstructing the duty of a public servant, was presented before Ahmedabad Rural Magistrate P K Makwana on Tuesday evening. After the judge released him on bail, the advocate submitted a statement against the cops to the judge.
In the statement, he wrote: “My clients Salim Beg Mirza and Jayesh Parmar were injured in an accident on October 6.
The Aslali police registered an FIR but in their haste to get treatment, the two did not verify the report. On Tuesday, they asked me to accompany them to the station and check the FIR. I went to the police station and asked writer Narsinh for the report.
Narsinh asked us to wait and got busy talking. A while later, we approached Narsinh again. Enraged, he ordered us to sit quietly. When I asked him not to misbehave, he pushed me. Then, he dragged me to the PSO room where Valand, Jhala and two other constables thrashed me. They hit me on my face and legs. They also broke my mobile phone and locked me in a cell.”
As Parmar emerged from the court room, several lawyers gathered around and began shouting slogans against the policemen.
The advocates have called a meeting of the bar association on Wednesday to discuss the issue and decide on the further course of action.

A group of 20 lawyers also accompanied Parmar to the DSP office in Meghaninagar to lodge complaint against Valand and Jhala.
Meanwhile, PSI Valand refuted the lawyer’s allegations as baseless. Speaking to Mirror, he said, “The advocate came to the station in the afternoon and began heckling the writer who was busy writing up some reports. He told the writer he was a lawyer whom even the police commissioner’s staff paid heed to. When he began shouting at the writer, we asked him to calm down. He threatened to get us suspended and we lodged a complaint against him.”
About the damaged mobile phone, Valand said, “The cellphone slipped out of his hands and broke. We did not hit him or damage his mobile phone.”

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