Monday, October 26, 2009

Three held for data theft from BPO

Ahmedabad: Three persons were arrested from the city after a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in Vastrapur lodged a complaint against them, accusing them of data theft. The stolen data, said police, was extremely valuable. Vastrapur police station officials have booked the trio for theft and breach of trust.

According to police officials, the BPO authorities lodged a complaint against two employees, Sheral Thakar, working with the networking department of the company, and Rahul Zatakiya, working with web development department, along with Abhijit Ghosle, a former employee of the company on Friday for the theft of data from the company database.
The theft was on for almost three months in which, according to officials, the company lost thousands of virtual datasheets. A complete database fetches US $ 5 to $ 6 in international market.The officials maintained that the theft has not yet resulted into financial loss but virtual loss is inevitable.
“After leaving the company, Ghosle started a new venture in the same business — getting database and maintaining it for the telephone marketing — in the city. We had no problems with that. However, what he did was not professional. He knew of the company’s reputation and the importance of the database we have. He approached two of our employees who had access to raw and processed data and got them to help him,” said a senior official from the company.
“We started getting complaints of improper work as well as duplication of data. We immediately placed a check and put firewalls in place. We got to know that someone from inside was involved. We kept a tab on the duo and managed to reach the root of the problem,” said the official.
BK Purohit,inspector of Vastrapur police station told TOI that the trio has been nabbed and booked for theft and breach of trust. He said provisions of IT (Amendment) Act,2008 were not applied in the case since there had been no mention of financial loss in the complaint.

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