Saturday, October 3, 2009


Taipei: Taiwanese researchers said on Friday that they have developed hydrogenpowered mobile phone chargers, in a development that could boost the island’s efforts to become a player in green technologies.
The device can recharge a mobile phone battery in two hours without being plugged, according to scientists at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in north Taiwan’s Hsinchu city.
“Hydrogen is a recyclable material. The device is energy-efficient and will help protect the environment,” said Tsau Fanghei, a researcher at the institute. “We hope the hydrogen-powered device can replace current cellphone recharge systems in 2012.”
The charger will be key to
the Taiwan government’s endeavour of carving out a space for itself in future energy generation, according to Yeh Hui-ching, director of the economics ministry’s Bureau of Energy. Taiwan is under pressure to develop new energy sources, as it imports about 98% of its energy.

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