Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UK hospital compensates NRI couple for baby’s death

Indian-origin man, British wife awarded Rs 117 lakh in out-of-court settlement after hospital blunder left their baby brain-damaged

LONDON: An Indian-origin man and his British wife have been awarded £160,000 (Rs 117 lakh) in an out-of-court settlement following the death of their baby in a hospital in Cardiff in November 2005.
Krishna Govekar of Goan origin and his wife Johanne Rees said their son Arun was born with severe brain damage after hospital staff waited 90 minutes to deliver him, starving his brain of oxygen. The medics at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff failed to spot he was suffering complications in the womb, with one doctor even recommending that his mother simply needed to go to the toilet, the Daily Mail reported.
Johanne’s pregnancy had already been judged high-risk because she was 44 and had previously suffered a miscarriage. She said: “I was screaming in agony and begging the midwives to get my baby out but they just left me.”
An emergency Caesarean was performed an hour-and-ahalf later on a second doctor’s recommendation, but Arun had suffered irreversible brain damage. Johanne and Krishna switched off his life support machine after ten days. Johanne, now 48, said: “The hospital has robbed me of a family. I am 48 now, I will probably never have a baby.” AGENCIES

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