Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fake voter I-card for just Rs 200

NAGPUR: Kallu Baisware died some 50 years ago. The Ramtek resident was a state transport driver. TOI paid Rs 400, which included Rs 200 urgent service charge, to prepare a voter identity card in the name of Abdul Rafik Abdul Karim, 55, an entirely imaginary person, using Baisware's photograph.

The card, actually prepared on July 2, 2010, had February 21, 2007, as date of issue. It carries number HWR910543. It also has a fake Mominpura address. It carries seal and signature of the electoral registration officer of 136-Nagpur central assembly constituency.

Similarly, Narayan Choudhary, a taxi driver from Narkhed, had died around 17 years ago in an accident near Dongargaon. TOI managed to prepare a voter's Icard carrying his photograph, also for Rs 400. This card is in the name 'Irafan Shekh Shekh Babbu', also an imaginary person.

The card, also prepared on July 2, was made to look like issued on September 21, 2007. It carries number LLD258612. The bogus card had the fake address of Juni Mangalwari, Gujari chouck (sic) in Nagpur. The card of 'Irafan Shekh' has the seal and signature of electoral registration officer of 134-Nagpur east assembly constituency but the signature appears upside down.

Both these I-cards were allegedly prepared at the collector's office, without any sort of verification

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