Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vatican bans skimpily clad tourists

London:In a move which may not go down well with many westerners, the Vatican City has banned scantily clad tourists from entering the holy Christian state.

The dress code had previously applied only to St Peter’s Basilica but guards manning the official entry point into the tiny, walled state have now begun pulling visitors aside for sporting “inappropriate” clothing. Tourists in skimpy summer clothing are being told to cover up before entering Vatican City, Italian news agency
ANSA has reported.
The new decree, particularly targeting those in shorts and shoulder-revealing shirts, sent several tourists trudging off to local stores to buy shawls, scarves and pairs of trousers, the report said.
Immodest clothing has been specifically barred from St Peter’s for decades and Vatican officials are seemingly sick of visitors flouting the dress code.
However, locals just nipping inside the Vatican City walls to use its pharmacy, post office and store were particularly bewildered by the clothing crackdown. PTI

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