Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Accidents on High way - Satish Swami

Accidents on High way -Satish Swami

Since 1975 I practicing Motor Accident Claims but to day (27-10-2010) I was the witness of it or say rather victim of it. After finishing work I returning from District Court Palanpur,  toward Ahmedabad, I was travelling in State transport bus. When the bus reached 1 K.M after passing Unza, the conductor notice one passenger wrongly boarded the bus he instructed the driver to stop the bus at the same time the truck came from the back side and collided with bid impact to the rear portion of the bus. All of sudden all passenger thrown away from the seat and some of them injured seriously and some of with simple injury.
The truck conductor had lost his left hand and leg in this accident. Very horrible thing happened.

Say who is responsible?

I think both. If the ST bus would have not stopped without stand or giving signal this might be not happened or if the truck diver was more careful ,not negligent not rash even though this would have not happened.

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