Friday, October 29, 2010

Let excess foodgrains feed the hungry, not rats - Supreme Court

Asserting that foodgrains cannot be allowed to rot in godowns, be dumped in sea or eaten by rats, the Supreme Court on Friday asked the Centre to forthwith allocate excess foodgrains to the hungry and BPL families in the country.
A Bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and Deepak Verma while asking the Attorney General to respond to its views told Additional Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran that mere schemes without any implementation are of no use.

“More than 9 years ago (Aug 20,2001), this Court passed an order that the foodgrains which are over-flowing in the storage, especially of the FCI godowns and which are in abundance, should not be wasted by dumping into the sea or eaten by rats.

“Mere schemes without any implementation are of no use. What is important is that the food must reach the hungry,” the Bench said in an order after Mr. Parsaran sought adjournment as the Attorney General who was to brief the court was held up in the Chief Justice’s Court.

“Procurement of adequate foodgrains is essential to provide food security and to protect the interest of farmers.

“All through, our anxiety has been that the procured foodgrains be properly preserved. The quantity of foodgrains which cannot be preserved because of lack of storage facility, at least that much wholesome foodgrains be allocated to BPL population forthwith,” the Bench said.

The apex court observed as per the latest census figures BPL population in the country has risen by seven crore and asked the AG to come out with his views as to why the allocation should not be made in terms of the latest figure instead of relying on the 1991 Census figures.

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