Friday, April 29, 2011

Contempt of court case: Lawyer goes into hiding

Ahmedabad: After being slapped with 12 cases for contempt of court, advocate Devesh Bhatt has gone underground.
The police reported to the Gujarat high court on Friday that the lawyer could not be traced either at his residence or his work place despite various efforts.
The police informed the division bench of justices D H Waghela and K A Puj that advocate Bhatt remained untraceable even after tight surveillance on part of police at different places, which the lawyer frequented. On perusal of the affidavit, the court directed the police to find out movable and immovable property belonging to the lawyer, particularly his bank accounts.
During last hearing, the court contemplated the seizure of advocate Bhatt’s property in case of non-execution of the non-bailable warrant issued against him. The court has asked the police to come up with details regarding the lawyer’s property and kept further hearing after the summer vacation; said amicus curiae in this case, advocate Asim Pandya. Meanwhile, the division bench issued notice to the alleged contemnor in 11 different cases. The court issued bailable warrants of Rs 20,000 in each of the case, and the lawyer has to furnish bail bond of equal amount in all the cases to avoid arrest.
Advocate Bhatt has been issuing legal notices to judicial officers for quite some time. He has also filed damage suit against certain judicial officers. This led the high court to initiate contempt of court proceeding against him. After the bench issued bailable warrant, advocate Bhatt dashed off notices to them also along with the amicus curiae.

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