Friday, April 29, 2011

DIG Sanjiv Bhatt may face disciplinary action

Ahmedabad: The police academy at Karai has charged DIG Sanjiv Bhatt of indiscipline. In a report sent to the DGP office, the academy to which all police training colleges are affiliated, has charged Bhatt of using government staff and vehicles for personal work. The DGP got this report on Friday. The report says that on August 31, Bhatt was posted at the SRP training school in Sorath, Junagadh. He reported on duty at the new office on September 1, 2010. On February 14 this year, Bhatt asked for 54-days leave citing no particular reason. But the DGP office said that his leave was under consideration and did not clear the request. However, Bhatt went on medical leave.
The investigation report also alleges that Bhatt used official vehicles and staff of his Junagadh job while being in Ahmedabad and also claimed travel and dearness allowance for his unauthorized absence from the office in Sorath. He has been charged with dereliction of duty and recommended for suspension, says the order. The DGP office is expected to move this file with a noting to the home ministry.

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