Monday, July 31, 2017

Boy Clicks Photo Of Teacher Snoozing In Class, Allegedly Thrashed By Cops

A Class 10 student in Telangana who had taken a photo of a teacher sleeping in class and sent it to the education department was tied up to a pole in school and beaten up allegedly by policemen.

The incident took place on Saturday in Mahbubnagar.

The boy had allegedly clicked on a mobile phone his math teacher sleeping in class on Thursday and forwarded it to the District Education Officer on WhatsApp. The teacher was suspended, which is believed to have incensed other teachers in the school.

On Saturday, a group of teachers contacted the police.

The student alleges he was sitting with friends and having a soft drink when he was caught, tied to a post in the school grounds and, with teachers watching, thrashed by two policemen with sticks. He has bruises all over his body. His friends had managed to run away, he says.

Denying that the boy was beaten, the police claim he had been caught drinking on school premises.

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