Friday, July 14, 2017

Delhi HC Acting Chief Justice Asks District Judges To Follow Three Adjournment Rule

With a view to ensure speedy yet effective justice, the Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Gita Mittal has instructed heads of all district courts to ensure that the laid down procedure of allowing maximum three adjournments is followed in every case and a realistic timeline is adhered to. In a circular issued through Registrar General Dinesh Kumar Sharma, the Acting Chief Justice touched upon grant of adjournments, adherence to timelines, electronic filing and electronic service  of summon. 
The Acting Chief Justice also reminded all judicial officers that adjournments are to be granted only where there is a good cause and the consent of the opposite party does not fall in that category. ““The rule of three adjournments and imposition of compensatory costs is to be followed strictly,” said .
The circular also said that all efforts be made to ensure that each and every case is being heard effectively and disposed of as early as possible albeit within realistic timelines. Justice Mittal reiterated the directions to expedite trial/ disposal of cases while using time management techniques etc.

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