Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gujarat High Court fines Govt for delay in release of prisoner

The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday ordered the state government to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation for confining a petitioner illegally for six months after his conviction got over earlier this year and release him.
The petitioner, Prabhatji S Dhabi, convicted for murder more than 13 years ago, moved the High Court seeking remission citing a notification issued by the state government earlier this year.
The notification stated that those prisoners, serving life imprisonment, who have completed 12 years, without absconding for the past 10 years, be released. Dhabi’s lawyer Dilbur Contractor said that the government kept rejecting his appeal for remission citing one reason or the other. The government responded saying that Dhabi’s plea was rejected on the grounds that he had once jumped parole.
Contractor told the court that Dhabi should have been released in January.

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