Saturday, September 26, 2009

FREE Legal advice service Help!

FREE Legal advice service Help!

We offer a comprehensive legal advice and opinion service covering all aspects of Indian law; Our associate lawyers, engaged for providing online legal opinion are highly experienced attorneys, with a minimum of 15 years of professional practice in Court.

Email a legal question :

Ask a question through email and get answer within 24 hours.Harness the power of Internet. Consult an expert attorney from the comfort of your home or office.

Now you do not need to visit the office of a high street solicitor or attorney as such, when you can put across a simple legal query through email to an attorney on our panel and get the answer sitting in the comfort of your home or office for a price, which is not only affordable but virtually non-existent.

Get a quick answer when you wish to just know about available remedy in law or future course of action, interpretation of a statute or legal provisions relating to any of the following:

1  Motor accident claim cases (Road Traffic accident Claim cases)

2  Divorce options under various personal and family laws;

3  Maintenance and Child custody;

4  Indiscipline of an employee;

5  Money recovery;

6  Property and tenancy disputes,

7  Consumer dispute;

8  Succession issues and probate;

9  Fundamental rights;

10  Partnership disputes; or

When you have just received a Court notice, summon or order –adverse or favourable – as the case may be, you may want very small clarifications or seek to bring down your anxiety level, feel free to ask a legal question in email and get a quick answer in as short a period as less than 24 hours from an expert lawyer on our panel FREE OF CHARGE (by email only).

We guide you honestly and prepare you to face your attorney with confidence; if at all the same is just not avoidable, as we provide you with enough background information and material.

The service is subject to following conditions that are supplementary to the other terms and conditions of our service. We expect you to confirm that you have read and understood the same:

You acknowledge that we are not a law firm or acting as your attorney in any way;

You agree that no attorney / client relationship exists between you and our experts;

We can tell you the law and/or advise you – on almost any legal subject;

1. Free advice are more valuable in comparison to those of a high street solicitor providing or capable of providing similar quality of service;

2. You save on travel and lawyer time; do not have to ask for an appointment;

3. We will acknowledge within 24 hours; we will definitely reply with detailed legal opinion within 3 days;

4. This service is by email only.

5. We expect you to express your problem clearly, in detail and without any concealment of facts; we cannot advise on aspects you do not tell us about;

6. Kindly do not forget to provide us with your correct email id;

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