Thursday, September 24, 2009

Man hurls slipper at judge, jailed

Man hurls slipper at judge, jailed

Rajkot: Justice delayed is justice denied. A 59-year old smalltime trader from Rajkot added a new dimension to the maxim. Frustrated over a case against him dragging on for eight years, Dhiru Kotak flung a slipper at the judge of a fast track court on Thursday morning. Kotak was booked for contempt of court and sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Kotak was engaged in a legal battle with his neighbour over alleged illegal construction of a bathroom in his quarters at Anandnagar area in the city. A local court started hearing the case in 2001 and ruled in August this year that Kotak should demolish the illegal construction within 30 days.

Kotak appealed in the sessions court, which granted an interim stay on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, Kotak appeared in the courtroom and started abusing judge D D Rajput as well as the judiciary. In a fit of rage, he flung a slipper at the judge, who was dictating an order in another case. Having missed his target, Kotak was about to fling his second slipper when the guards caught him.

The judge soon ordered summary proceedings against Kotak who was asked to state his side of the story. “I have lost faith in the judicial system as I have not got justice for the past eight years,” he reportedly told the judge.

Kotak was booked for contempt of court, insulting the judge and interfering in court proceedings.

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