Monday, January 31, 2011

Court summons 3 cops for sodomising teenager

The Crime Branch officials had illegally detained the 15-year-old boy and tortured him to reveal a bootlegger’s name. Later all three of them repeatedly sodomised the child and filmed the act on a mobile phone.
Metropolitan Magistrate M B Bundelia on Monday issued summons to three Crime Branch constables for sodomising a 15-year-old boy, while they kept him in custody illegally. The next hearing of the case would be held on April 4.

   The three constables against whom the summons were issued are ijaysinh Gohil, 30, and Arvindsinh Joruba, 31, both residents of Ellisbridge Police line. The third constable is Jagdish Patel, 30, who is a resident of Shastrinagar police line.
   The boy, who is a juvenile accused, had on March 9, 2010 complained against the three constables accusing them of sodomy. On March 5, 2010, the boy was released from the Khanpur remand home. On the same evening, when he had gone to Sorabjee Mill compound to buy some coconuts the three constables accosted him.
   According to the complaint, they forcibly made him sit on their motor bike and took him to the Crime Branch office. There they handcuffed him and bound him with ropes. The constables made the child stand the entire night and didn’t allow him to sleep. Constable Vijaysinh pointed a revolver at the boy and threatened to kill him if he didn’t tell them names of bootleggers.


THE TORTURE not only continued on the second day, but it got more severe. The constables tied up the child and hung him upside-down. The trio physically abused him. All this while they had detained the child illegally.

   But on the third day of detention, the officials crossed all limits. The complaint state that on the third day, all three of the accused constables sodomised the boy. They also recorded the entire act on a cellphone. The boy as kept in custody till March 8. 


THE NEXT day, the child was handed over to the Naranpura police. But before that, the constables threatened the child. He
was cautioned by the culprits against saying anything about what had happened during the three-day torture session. The constables told the boy that if he told anything about the sexual act or the torture session in the court, then they will get his father framed in some bootlegging case.


METROPOLITAN MAGISTRATE D S Trivedi probed these accusation under CrPC 202. The magistrate spoke to the child, his father Prakash Parmar and doctor harshad Rathod who had examined the boy. An identification parade was also conducted in which the child identified all three of the constables. The medical report of the boy indicated that the child was repeatedly sodomised and physically tortured. The constables have been booked under IPC Section 377, 323, 506 (2).

   On basis of the inquiry report, magistrate Bundelia issued summons. While the summons were served on Vijaysinh, the other two were on sick leave. Hence the summons couldn’t be served on them.

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