Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drunk pilot forgets destination, jailed

La Perle was so drunk that he told officials at Heathrow airport he was flying to New York when in fact he was to fly to Detroit with 241 passengers on board

LONDON: An American pilot has been jailed for being so drunk at the Heathrow airport that he could not remember where he was flying to when asked by security officials.
   A report in the Daily Express said George La Perle, 49, who flew for Delta Airlines, was found to be four and a half times over the alcohol limit. He told security staff he was flying to New York. But his actual destination was Detroit. Upon being questioned, he told the security staff he had just had a few beers the previous evening. He has been jailed for six months. La Perle, from Boston, who has 20 years flying experience, was one of the three pilots in the Boeing 767. The plane was carrying 241 passengers to the US, the report said.
   La Perle was found to have four and a half times the legal amount of alcohol for pilots in his blood. He also exceeded the less strict limits for driving a car.
   Heidi Stonecliffe, prosecuting, said security staff stopped La Perle around 8.30am on November 1 last year. 

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