Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gujarat DFS to get India’s first 3D crime scene scanner ,It Creates Map That Can Be Used Later For Verification

Ahmedabad: Now, the forensic science experts can visit crime scenes whenever they wish, even after it has been cleared. A number of western countries use laser scanners that document the crime scene with laser images and photographs which can be used later to ascertain a number of factors, such as trajectory of bullets, tyre tracks, probable angle of physical attack and so on.

The same technique, called ScanStation, is now being introduced in India by the Directorate of Forensic Sciences (DFS), Gujarat. A pioneer in a number of forensic practices, DFS has got the state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner for scene management that will not only document the scene in 360 degrees view, but will also make a detailed map that can be visited time and again for verification.

“ScanStation uses high-speed laser and builtin digital camera to rapidly photograph and measure a scene exactly the way in which the first responder encountered it. It works best up to 300 meters of radius. The best part is that the investigator can go back to the scene even when it is dismantled,” said Rakesh Kaul, general manager (ET), Leica, manufacturers of the machine.

DFS officials said that more often than not, the crime scene gets distorted due to several reasons. But it is very important for investigators to see it as it is. “We conducted trials of the machine and the results were satisfactory. It will be a crime scene management tool that will help us get the desired dimensions. Different elements of the same scene can be reviewed at different times by different experts,” said M S Dahiya, deputy director of DFS.

Another aspect is measurement. As a constant laser beam scans the given area, there is little margin for error. It gives the investigators more time to look into important details. One of the highlights of the software is animated fly-through of the scene that provides different points of view.

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