Friday, March 25, 2011

I’m being framed: Hasan , e Faces Threats From Tapuriah, Goenka

Mumbai: Multi-billionaire tax evader Hasan Ali Khan on Friday said he was receiving threats from his associate Kashinath Tapuriah and industrialist R P Goenka.
A Mumbai sessions court remanded Khan to judicial custody till April 8 and directed jail to provide him adequate protection. Outside the sessions court, Khan told reporters, “Tapuriah has framed me in this case.”
Goenka said he had no relations with either Ali or Tapuriah. Reacting to allegations made by Khan and his lawyer in Mumbai, an RPG spokesperson said in Kolkata, “He (Goenka) has no relations with Tapuriah, not to speak of business relations with him. He has never known or seen Hasan Ali Khan.”
On Friday, Khan submitted a handwritten note in the sessions court claiming his life was under threat. His lawyer I P Bagaria, too, told the court that Khan’s life was under threat and that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was aware of it. On Thursday night, ED had filed an application before the Bandra magistrate seeking Khan’s custody till Friday. The Supreme Court had extended his custody till Wednesday. At 11 pm, ED informed Khan’s lawyer in Delhi that they will produce Khan at 11.30pm before the magistrate. The magistrate asked ED to produce Khan before the sessions court on Friday.
Bagaria asked in court, “What was the hurry to produce him late at night?” ED arrested Khan on March 7 for money laundering. The agency said Khan has US $8 billion stashed away in Swiss banks. On Thursday, ED arrested Tapuriah whom Khan had given the power of attorney to operate some of the accounts.
Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, representing ED, told the court that they do not require Khan’s custody. He said they would seek his custody in future, when required. He said investigation is progressing in the right direction.

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