Thursday, March 31, 2011


(Make changes according to your requirement without hesitation)

1.         Your appointment will be governed according to conditions in the appointment letter.

2.         Your working hours and shift shall be fixed according to the rules under the Factory Act /relevant labour laws. The management reserves the right to transfer you from one shift to another at any time.

3.         You will be granted public holidays, all national - festival holidays /casual, sick leave according to rules and regulations under relevant labour laws.    

4.         You have to present In time for work in shift as per your duty and in case of late coming management shall have the right to refuse you to assign any work and any other employees who is on work shall be given your work. Thus you will be treated absent under industrial labour laws on that day.

5.         If after presenting yourself for work you are fond absent at any time during your duty time you will be treated absent on that day and will loose the salary of that day.

6.         If you are not present on work due to illegal / unfair strike, you will be treated absent from the work and management can take any legal action for remaining absent against you. This action will be addition to any other action for illegal / unfair strike.

7.         If you absent with other employees of establishment, the management can deduct eight days payment from your salary according to the Payment of Wages Act.  The decision of management in this regard shall be final.

8.         If you have to go for “Slow down” or “Strike”. You have to serve one-month advance notice to management so that problem can be solved through conciliation. Any slow down or strike will be illegal without this notice and management can take action against you besides any action under Industrial Dispute Act.

9.         If you will remain absent for more than eight days from your service with us, it will be presume that you have left the service according to your own will and loose the lien on your employment. If you report duty on the ninth day and satisfied the management about your absence, management has the right to take you on work.

If you are not present on the ninth day during the working time of your duty, the management will not consider on any reason even if you are ill during your absent.         
10.       Due to shortage of power, breakdown of machinery, excess staff, shortage of raw material etc. the management have right to layoff you. You will not be liable to get any compensation for these days of layoff.

11.       If you remain ill continuously for six months the management reserves the right to dismiss you from service.

12.       You will be retired on attaining age of fifty-eight years, without any notice given by the management.

13.       Your services can be terminated by giving one-month notice or pay in lieu of it. Similarly you can also leave the service by giving one-month notice or pay in lieu of it. This condition can be applicable after your services are made permanent by written order of management.

14.       You may be transferred by the management from one department to another, one machine to another, one place to another and one city to another city in India, during the present and future time where there is business of the company which would be acceptable to you.

15.       You will produce material /service according to their standard. In case they are not found according to standard you have to rectify them. If material is not in condition to rectify you have to compensate us for that material.

16.       You will be fully responsible to keep all machines, tools etc., which are used by you during you working in good position. If any of them found damaged etc. you have to compensate for that damage.

17.       You will not seek employment elsewhere during employment with us. You are even debarred from self-employment. Violation of this condition will be major misconduct for which your services will be terminated.

18        All correspondence /communications by us will be received promptly by you. Non-acceptance of them will constitute grave misconduct.

19.       In case of serious misconduct you can be suspended. Suspension allowance will be fifty percent given up to sixty days. If delay in inquiry is on your part suspension allowance will be reduced to twenty five percent after sixty days. If delay in inquiry is on the part of management the suspension allowance will be seventy five percent after sixty days.

            Inquiry officer can be any officer of company or any out sider. During inquiry you can take help of any co-worker, which is not suspended. Any outside person cannot represent you and management during inquiry.

20.       After issuing charge sheet you will be asked for clarification. If in reply you accept the charges, management will issue orders as deem fit. If you will not accept charges, management may go for inquiry. You have to present yourself before the inquiry officer. No outsider will be permitted to represent you and management for inquiry. The management will have the right to take action on the report of the inquiry officer.                                                  

21.       If you have any problem or complaint related to your work you have to report within twenty-four hours to your department head and he will solve the problem within forty-eight hours. If problem is not solved you will report it within seven days to your manager. The manager will solve it within ten days. Even then if you are not satisfied you will complaint to management within one month. If after all this you are not satisfied you can contact labour department to solve Industrial Dispute.

I accept

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