Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arshad Warsi slams judiciary

MUMBAI: The judiciary should not target actors "blatantly", says Arshad Warsi, one of the very few in Bollywood to react to a court convicting Shiney Ahuja for raping his maid and sentencing him to seven years in jail.
Shiney was held guilty of raping his maid in 2009 by a fast track court here Wednesday. "Murderers, terrorist n corrupt politicians r walking free n Shiney Ahuja gets 7yrs... Judiciary should stop targeting Actors so blatantly (sic)," Arshad posted on his Twitter account. "I am NOT saying he's right but don't forget that Kassab (sic) is still enjoying our hospitality," he posted. "Do you know the no. of rapes that happen in our country on a daily basis by influential and connected ppl... Those cases r not even registered," he posted. "My point is all criminals should be punished equally, it's not fair to make an example of an actor only because it makes news," he added. Shiney was arrested June 15, 2009, after medical tests on his maid confirmed sexual assault. The Bombay High Court granted him bail in October 2009. Over a year after accusing Ahuja of raping her, however, the maid in September 2010 told the court that the rape never took place. She also stated before the judge that she made the serious charge against Shiney because of pressure from a woman who introduced her to the actor. In a 109-page charge sheet, Shiney was accused of rape, criminal intimidation and holding his maid hostage. In his defence, Shiney had argued that he was being framed

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