Sunday, April 3, 2011

Govt bans test for admission in primary schools,No To Interviewing Parents; Wants Procedure To Be Transparent

Ahmedabad: The state government has imposed a ban on aptitude test for kids or interview of their parents for admission in primary schools in the state. It has also told the schools authorities not to ask for education certificates of parents.

Under the new guidelines, if a guardian/parent is ready to pay school fees his or her kid should be given admission in school, irrespective of the social status of the guardian. It adds that the school cannot take aptitude test of kid or interview the parent or guardian of applicant kid. Such test is not allowed in all conditions. It is applicable to the seats reserved for armymen’s kids and past students’ category.

The ruling pronounced that schools will have to give admission to children on first come first serve basis or draw lots from the applications received. However, for cases of admission of children in reserved categories the schools will have to separately follow the notification of government regarding admission to children.

At the time of advertisement, the institute must clearly mention about the admission process, they need to mention that how many seats are reserved in various categories. The circular asks schools to strictly follow transparent admission procedures.

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