Friday, March 4, 2011

117 mobile nos in 1 woman’s name!

New Delhi:An elderly woman living in Turkman Gate recently discovered that she had 117 mobile connections in her name. Not once had she applied for a connection, and not one number belonged to her. The only clue: she might have photocopied her voter ID sometime, say cops, which was used by several others as identity proof to get a mobile connection.
The disturbing finding came after a random survey of customers' addresses by DoT (Department of Telecommunications) threw up the woman's name. DoT has raised concerns of connections being given on forged documents, which are even used many times over by cellular operators to expand their customer base.
The woman in Turkman Gate (name withheld on request), belongs to a minority community and lives with her brother, having been abandoned by her husband. Until sleuths came knocking on her door, the 34-yearold was unaware that her name, identity and address details were being accessed and used by complete strangers.
“We believe that the woman might have photocopied her election ID card sometime in the past three years. There are some connections in her name which are around two years old. We suspect some unscrupulous persons used her ID for their own benefits," a officer who is part of the investigations said.
“The woman has been cleared of any role in the incident. We have interrogated some men in the neighbourhood with interests in local PCOs, photocopy shops and mobile phone retailers, but we could not fix responsibility on anyone."
Officially, Delhi police remained tightlipped on the investigations.

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