Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspector of Sarkhej police station M M Zala booked for taking bribe

Constable Arrested; Cops Demanded . 5L To Treat Accused Well In Custody
Ahmedabad: Inspector of Sarkhej police station M M Zala was booked on Sunday by Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials for taking a bribe from an accused in his custody. Also, police constable Gordhan Prajapati was caught accepting the bribe from a family member of the accused, Mahendra Zala.
Prajapati has told the ACB officials that he was acting on behalf of inspector Zala.
On Thursday, Sarkhej police station officials had arrested Mahendra Zala, a farmer, in connection with a land scam. When he was in police remand, Prajapati contacted Mahendra’s cousin Ajit Chauhan, a resident of Bayad in Sabarkantha district.
The constable demanded a bribe of Rs 5 lakh on behalf of Zala for sparing Mahendra the stick and giving him a “good treatment” while in custody. When Ajit asked for proof of this deal’s effectivity, Prajapati got Mahendra to talk with Ajit over a mobile phone from the police lock-up.
The first instalment was to be Rs 1.5 lakh, which Ajit had to hand over on Sunday. Before this, Ajit secretly contacted the ACB officials and told them about the demand for a bribe. On Sunday at 11 am, Ajit was accompanied by plainclothesmen when he met Prajapati at the Sarkhej police station. In front of government witnesses Prajapati assured him that Mahendra would be treated well before taking the money from Ajit.
“Prajapati was arrested with the marked money and his hand-wash too was collected as evidence. Based on his statement, Zala has also been booked for bribery. After investigating the matter thoroughly to establish the complicity of the police inspector, further punitive action will be initiated,” said ACB inspector A J Zala.

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